My life

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John Cena créa son 1er DVD : My life .                       

 My life  dans films et musiques de john cena 5021123121651Wwe_John_Cena_My_Life-15564109032009 dans films et musiques de john cenawwf

MY LIFE est composé de 5 disque , chaque disque contient 5 partie + 2 bonus


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Ringside interview John cena pour 12 rougds

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Rivalité avec Randy Orton

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Rivalité avec John Cena & DX [modifier]À SummerSlam 2009, Randy Orton affrontera John Cena pour le titre WWE Champion et Ted Dibiase et Cody Rhodes affrontera la DX.
Lors de SummerSlam 2009, Randy Orton conserve son titre de WWE Champion face à John Cena[5] mais Ted DiBiase Jr. et Cody Rhodes perdent face à D-Generation X[6]. À Breaking Point 2009, Randy Orton perd son titre contre John Cena tandis que Cody Rhodes et Ted DiBiase gagnent leur match de soumission face à D-Generation X. A Hell In A Cell, Orton recupère le WWE Championship et Rhodes & Dibiase perdent face à DX. A Bragging Rights il y aura un Anything Goes Ironman Match de 60 minutes entre John Cena et Randy Orton. Si John Cena perd, il devra quitter RAW. John Cena remporte le match (6 à 5) ce qui empêche Orton d’avoir un match de championnat tant que Cena est champion.

 Cena et Orton veulent terminer leur rivalité dans un combat iron man match de 60 min ( une heure ) . Si Cena  perd , il quittera Raw et se retrouvera a Smackdown pour toujours . Quand a Randy Orton , il restera maitre de la WWE jusqu’à que quelqu’un lui prenne place .

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HBK et THE GAMES 2006-2007

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In 2006, a series of events occurred which hinted at a DX reunion. At WrestleMania 22, former members Shawn Michaels and Triple H performed the crotch chop during their respective matches, which was met with loud cheering from the fans in attendance.[48] The two continued to deliver chops in the following episodes of Raw as Michaels feuded with Vince McMahon and Triple H focused on the WWE Championship, repeatedly running into McMahon in the process. On the June 12 edition of Raw, the events came to a head, when, during Triple H’s gauntlet match against the Spirit Squad, Shawn Michaels came in to help his former companion. After the duo had laid out the entire Spirit Squad, the two men began to perform their crotch chops. DX continued their brash antics at the expense of the Spirit Squad, Vince and Shane McMahon, and Jonathan Coachman for several weeks and repeatedly took part in blatantly camp product placement during Raw promos.[49][50] Most of their antics involved practical jokes on Vince.

On the June 26 edition of Raw, they added to the list of parodies with Triple H impersonating Vince McMahon, talking about his love of « Dicks » (a double entrende referring to Dick Ebersol, Dick Clark, and Dick Cheney, as well as the male member), while Michaels impersonated Shane McMahon.[51] During their feud, DX defeated the Spirit Squad at Vengeance and on the July 15 edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event,[52][53] as well as The McMahons (Vince and Shane) at SummerSlam.[54] At Unforgiven in a handicap Hell in a Cell match that featured The Big Show on The McMahons’ side, DX again came out victorious.[55]

DX’s next feud was with Rated-RKO (Edge and Randy Orton). At Cyber Sunday, the fans selected Eric Bischoff over Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman to be the special guest referee for the match. Bischoff allowed the illegal use of a steel chair to give Rated-RKO the win. With this win, Rated-RKO became the first team to « defeat » DX in a tag team match since their reunion in June 2006.[49][56] At Survivor Series, Michaels and Triple H got back at Edge and Orton by leading Team DX (Triple H, Michaels, Matt and Jeff Hardy, and CM Punk) to a 5–0 sweep over Team Rated-RKO (Edge, Orton, Gregory Helms, Johnny Nitro, and Mike Knox).[49][57] In 2007, DX challenged for the World Tag Team Championship against Edge and Orton at New Year’s Revolution. The fight ended in a no contest after Michaels hit the referee. During the match, Triple H suffered a legitimate torn quadriceps. After the match, DX beat down Rated-RKO with steel chairs and on the announce tables.

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                                                                     TAG TEAM 

Membres :  Triple H et Shzwn Michaels

Name(s) : D-generation X,DX


 Formation (1997-1998)

Off-screen, DX was the idea of Shawn Michaels and Triple H.[6] According to Levesque, WWF management wanted to keep The Kliq, of which Levesque and Michaels were members, apart, so they were hesitant to pair the duo together at first.[6] DX, however, was officially incarnated on September 20, 1997 at the WWF One Night Only pay-per-view in Birmingham, England. Along with then-heels, Michaels, Chyna, and Triple H, Michaels’ « insurance policy », Rick Rude was also an original member. Triple H and Michaels united after Michaels became a villain after hitting The Undertaker with a chair at SummerSlam.[7] Initially getting together as allies aiding Michaels in his subsequent feud with the Undertaker, DX officially got together at the One Night Only pay-per-view when Helmsley, Chyna, and Rude helped Michaels win the WWF European Championship from the British Bulldog.[3][8][9]

On October 13, 1997, the group officially gave themselves the name « Degeneration X » with Shawn Michaels as the leader. Michaels’ autobiography suggests that it was then-WWF head writer Vince Russo who first conceived the moniker for the faction. On-screen, however, the name was taken from Bret Hart, who claimed that Shawn Michaels and Triple H were nothing more than degenerates. It was also the first time they spoke their trademark slogan, « Suck it! » They were often shown on television practicing sophomoric/crude humor and rebelling against authority figures in the company, primarily Vince McMahon (then an on-air color commentator) and then-Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter, the latter of which DX made a particular habit of humiliating with the group giving him the nickname of « Sgt. Slobber ». D-Generation X’s first feud was against Bret Hart and his Hart Foundation. This feud ended at Survivor Series when Shawn Michaels won his third WWF Championship in the Montreal Screwjob, which came about from Bret leaving the company along with two of the remaining three members of the Foundation.[10][11] The only member that remained in the WWF, Owen Hart, continued to feud with DX, specifically Triple H.

« D-Generation X » was later used as the title for a WWF In Your House pay-per-view telecast on December 7, 1997. By this point, DX’s capture of the World Championship and European Championship as well as their ‘victory’ in the feud with the Hart Foundation, solidified their status as the lead stable in the company, with this pay-per-view being representative of that fact. Michaels headlined the event as he was disqualified in a WWF Championship title defense against Ken Shamrock. Earlier that night, Triple H defeated Sgt. Slaughter with the help of Chyna in a Boot Camp match.[12] On the December 11 edition of Raw is War (aired December 22), however, the two were forced to wrestle each other for the European title. In a mock match, similar to the Fingerpoke of Doom, Michaels laid down while Triple H ran around the ring and eventually pinned him for the championship.[13]

In the beginning of 1998, Triple H exchanged the WWF European Championship with Owen Hart.[14][15] At WrestleMania XIV, Shawn Michaels was the reigning WWF Champion and Triple H was the reigning WWF European Champion. They recruited boxer Mike Tyson to act as the « Special Enforcer » in the main event of the night featuring Michaels against Stone Cold Steve Austin. At the end of the match, Tyson turned on D-Generation X and cost Michaels the match, thus starting the « Attitude Era » of WWF.[16]


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alliance avec shawn michaels

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Le lendemain du Royal Rumble, la surprenante équipe de Cena et Shawn Michaels battait le Rated-RKO (Edge et Randy Orton) pour le World Tag Team Championship, faisant de Cena un double champion[67]. Le 2 avril à RAW, après avoir perdu un match pour le WWE Championship contre Cena à WrestleMania 23[68], Michaels se retournait contre Cena, coûtant à l’équipe le titre dans la seconde bataille royale à 10 équipes en envoyant Cena par-dessus la troisième corde et éliminant ainsi l’équipe, alors que The Hardys (Matt Hardy et Jeff Hardy) récupéraient les ceintures[69]. Pour le reste du mois Cena rivalisait avec Michaels, Orton, et Edge mais il réussit à conserver son titre dans un fatal 4 way à Backlash 2007[70]   

alliance avec shawn michaels  dans Rivalité et alliance avec Shawn Michaels john-cena-hbk-shawn-michaels-wrestlemania23-preview

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tenues de la pus ancienn à la plus recente

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tenues de la pus ancienn à la plus recente dans vie privée john-cena-8-bit-t-shirt ancien t-shirt

 John Cena - Back Off T-Shirt



1e059306bbec2e0818f65f752464-3-3 dans vie privée 




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caractéristique des matchs de john cena

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Prises de finition et prises favorites Prises de finition Attitude Adjustment/F-U (Fireman’s Carry Powerslam) STF/STF-U (Stepover toehold Facelock) Prises favorites Five Knuckle Shuffle (Fist Drop précédé du You Can’t See Me) Fame Asser (Diving Leg Drop Bulldog) Throwback (Running Neck Snap sur un adversaire debout) Freestyle (Jumping Release Fisherman Suplex) Spin out Poweromb Flying Shoulder Block Scoop Slam Twisting Belly to Belly Side Slam Sitout Hip Toss One-Handed Bulldog Drop Toe Hold (suivi du STF Stepover toehold Facelock) Armes Favorites Chaîne en fer Poing américain Match favoris Parking Lot Brawl First Blood

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John Cena vs Randy Orton

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You can’t see me

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images4.jpg images5.jpg  Sa prise de finisher avant d’achever un adversaire , son frere fesait  un geste comme le you can’t see me , alors et la adopter  » You can’t see me  » quand john était petit , il fesait du catch avec ses frères , ils prenaient des ceintures de cow-boy pour faire des ceintures de catch .

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john cena vs the miz

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Cena victoire royale rumble 2008 retour

Posté par proskateuse le 3 août 2009

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